Haunted Hearthstone: Sequential Killers of the Victorian Age - Part IV

Oct 1:
6pm - 9pm
Hearthstone Historic House Museum : 625 W Prospect Ave., Appleton [map]

Join us Friday and Saturday nights in October for the fourth installment of our acclaimed theatrical production bringing to life actual serial killers of the Victorian Age.  This year’s production features a new cast of nefarious characters as well as new retellings of two famous killers… one with a direct connection to Hearthstone!


Sequential Killers of the Victorian Age is scary not because someone is jumping out at you, but because these are real people from history as the personification of maliciousness and woe.  Each year’s production is drawn from the newspaper accounts of the day.


Hour-long tours through the museum, decorated for Victorian mourning, are guided by police detectives. Also included are exhibits on the ways Victorians remembered the dead with memento mori like hair jewelry, tear vials, and post mortem photography.


(Material is not suitable for children under the age of 13.  Guests are encouraged to wear masks.  Guests must enter during times indicated on ticketing to preserve social distancing… no exceptions.  Your tour starts promptly at stated time.)