Private Crystal Energy Healing-Manifestation Sessions

Jun 13:
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Angels Forever - Windows of Light : 310 W. College Avenue [map]

Would you like to release stress, align your Chakras or feel more energized? You can when you experience the benefits of a crystal energy healing session. Each 25-minute private intuitive crystal energy healing-manifestation session is designed with your personal intentions to manifest your highest good.

During the treatment session, you will remain fully clothed as Janel places various stones or crystals on your body that align with your intentions. Crystals have been used from ancient times to the present day to raise one's vibration and help one to feel better by balancing energies, reducing stress, and enhancing positive energy.

Janel Olson is from the Chicago area and is a certified Akashic Record Reader, Reiki practitioner, and Angel Card Reader. She also hold numerous crystal certifications and has been working with Angels, crystals, energy and spiritual modalities for over 10 years. Janel offers Intuitive Crystal Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing sessions and teaches numerous classes throughout the Midwest on the subjects of Crystals, Gemstones, Sacred Geometry, Angels and Meditation.

25-minute healing session
Reserve by calling (920) 738-6636

CANCELLATION POLICY: Because this is a special prepaid event we are unable to refund appointments, however, if we are able to find someone to take your place will issue an in store credit to you.