Abracadabra Magic Shows And Costumes

Nov 6:
Abracadabra Magic And Costume Shop : 508 W College Ave Appleton 54915 [map]

After a 9 year absence,  Appleton once again has a magic shop!!  Ron Lindberg ran Abracadabra from 1995-2012 and has reopened a smaller version of his store in his office downtown.  "Ever since I closed, I would occasionally get phone calls from people looking for magic supplies for themselves or a gift. I have decided to carry a limited small supply of magic as well as some makeup and costumes such as Santa and Easter Bunny.  The store will only be open by appointment as I am a very busy performer and can not be tied down to retail hours."  In addition, Rondini offers his small theater in the space which is available for meetings or for intimate magic and hypnosis shows.   920-585-7663