Enjoy a fun-filled Ladies’ day, for you & your girlfriends complete with Fashion, Food & Fun! 

Join us as your favorite Downtown retailers preview trendy spring styles that will soon be hitting their stores!

Attendees will be in for a day of fun, including: 

  • Fashion Show Featuring Spring Trends 
  • Pre-Show Activities & Pop-Up Shops
  • In-Store Specials from Participating Retailers 
  • Sit-Down Breakfast Included & Drink Specials 
  • Raffle Prizes 
  • Goody Bags 
  • NEW THIS YEAR: Fun After the Show Activities exclusively for fashion show attendees! 
  • And So Much More! 

Participating Retailers featured in the Fashion Show:

  • Beatnik Betty’s Resale Butik: 214 E. College Avenue 
  • Ivory Rose Bridal Boutique: 103 E. College Avenue 
  • Lillians of Appleton: 115 E. College Avenue 
  • Sunny Side Up Yoga: 103 E. College Avenue
  • The Vintage Garden: 119 E. College Avenue 
  • The Wild Goose Exchange: 10 E. College Avenue, Suite #112B 
  • Love Elle Boutique: 161 Riverheath Way, Suite #260 

Day of the Event: 

8:30 a.m. Doors Open – Hilton Appleton Paper Valley Hotel, Ballroom Enjoy coffee & cash bar, music and activities.

9:30 a.m. Enjoy a tasty, sit-down breakfast meal with your closest gal pals and new friends, too!

10:00 a.m. Downtown Fashion Show See the latest spring styles & win prizes!

After the show: Shop the featured spring styles or participate in fun add-on activities!

The 2023 Fashion Show is Proudly Supporting: The Monthlies Project 

Donations Needed: Period product can come in many forms, but the number one product The Monthlies Project is looking for is tampons. They also accept pads and liners. 

Bring in a donation item or a monetary donation and you will receive an extra raffle ticket towards a variety of amazing prizes! (1 ticket per box of period products or for every $10 donated) 

The Monthlies Project is a community initiative providing menstrual health products to school-aged students and bringing awareness to the issue of period poverty and the educational inequity it creates.

Period Poverty: What it is and How We Can Help 

Lack of menstrual health products contributes to a growing issue — period poverty. Not only does period poverty negatively impact physical, mental, and emotional health, it can create a barrier to equal opportunity in education. Lack of access to menstrual health products can cause students with periods to miss or be late to class or feel anxious about period care. Chronic absenteeism affects achievement in school leading to educational inequity. 84% of young menstruators in school reported to have personally known someone who missed class due to lack of access to menstrual health products. 66% of teens report they don’t want to be at school during their period due to shame and self-consciousness. Unfortunately, other public assistance programs designed to help those facing financial hardships, such as SNAP and WIC, are not permitted to be used to purchase menstrual health products. Period product drives are a great way to raise awareness about the disparity and inspire others to take action. Learn more about the Pink Tax in the United States.

Help support The Monthlies Project by donating tampons, pads or liners that will be distributed throughout areas in need in the Fox Valley.