Holiday Ornament Traditions

by Anne Wigman

Peace Sign Ornaments from Just Act Natural

I love Christmas and always have!  So starting when I was a teen-ager, whenever I traveled I would look for the perfect Christmas ornament to remind me of the trip.  Every year when I decorate the tree, I tell the story of each ornament as I unpack and hang it.  Now that my children are 17 and 20, they can recite the stories…although perhaps a little sarcastically…this lighthouse is from our trip to the Outer Banks as a family in 2000, these are the cherries from Mom’s trip to Washington DC in high school….

Of course, I carried the tradition on for my children and added to it by giving them an ornament each year so in the future their own tree will hold lots of memories!  I love searching the local stores for the perfect momento of the year.  Last year I bought my daughter peace sign ornaments at Just Act Natural in her favorite colors.

Any suggestions for where to look this year?

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