Just Act Natural Top 10 Green New Years Resolutions

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 11.08.49 AM10.) Recycle your paper, cans, bottles. C’mon folks, this is Recycling 101.

9.) Drink from a reusable bottle for your water, like a stainless-steel or glass water bottle. Plastic bad.

8.) Buy local, support local, spend local. Don’t be loco and ship your cash out of state.

7.) Buy at least one organic cotton piece of apparel. Pesticides and fertilizers are baked into that new article of clothing you bought from (fill in the blank from mega-store).

6.) Simplify your life and just spend less. Do you need it or do you want it?

Want to know what #5 through #1 are?  Read the rest of Just Act Natural's green resolutions on their website.

Just Act Natural
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