The Building for Kids is Ready for the Summer Spark

We love the spark. It’s what you see when kids get really excited over a science experiment, when a little girl yells “I did it!” as she and her daddy drop magnetic pieces from our crane, as a kid exclaims “That was SO much fun!” when leaving a program. In everything we do we reach for the spark. And it’s not just for kids, adults need it too.

Summer is a fantastic time to go in search of the spark. It’s the time to try something new, spend time laughing and making memories. Here at The Building for Kids, we have 25 summers of experience in making sure your kids, and you, find a bit of awesome this summer.

Along with program favorites Puddle Jumpers and Busy Bees, this summer we have added camps to our lineup. These include an engineering camp where kids will create a racer out of recycled materials, an art experience that uses summer as creative inspiration, hands-on activities that will teach kids about history and reading adventures that come with a tasty twist.


As for events, this year is the 9th annual Children’s Parade and thanks to the support of ThedaCare, every year is awesome. It’s hard to express just how much fun this event is (which is why we included photos!)

This non-motorized parade is a chance for families to get creative, fun and funky. Last year alone we saw aliens, princesses, pirates, heroes, fairies and everything in between. If your imagination can create it, we want to see it at the Children’s Parade. And it’s not just for the kids. It’s time to dust off your imagination, step into your kid’s world and see what amazing things you can create!

Registration is free and opens June 1. The Parade is Wednesday, July 26 (right in the middle of Appleton Children’s Week) and steps off at 6 p.m. After the parade, the fun continues in City Park with a Fox Valley Food Truck Rally, music with 95.9 KISS FM, interactive activities and “The LEGO Batman Movie” playing at dusk.


A new, free, event series we created with Appleton Downtown, Inc. to compliment Art on the Town is Creative Kids. The BFK, along with partners Appleton Public Library, YMCA and The Trout Museum of Art, will fill Houdini Plaza from 3-5pm with family fun activities that go perfectly with the Art on the Town themes for the summer dates of the series.

We also have this fun little museum in the heart of downtown Appleton where you can be a firefighter, artist or pilot. But don’t forget to share with your kids. So this summer, it’s time to chase fun and create memories. It’s time to find laughter, adventure and the spark.

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