Rediscover Appleton! 

Wait, what?  You heard me. Make 2018 your year to Rediscover Appleton.  Whether you’ve recently moved here or lived here all your life, I challenge you to seek out and embrace the abundance of opportunities that are present here.

Many of us become complacent with our lives and start doing things by rote.  That includes going to work by the same route every day.  Shopping at the same stores, eating the same foods, etc.

76698-5333Right now, accept the challenge to change things up this year.  Commit to trying one new restaurant.  Enjoy one new restaurant in 2018 or each month or if you eat out often, try a new one each week since there are more than 60 to choose from! 

The same thing for stores, with more than 70 unique boutiques and specialty stores, there is sure to be at least one you haven’t been to that might just become your new favorite!  If you enjoy going out at night, Downtown Appleton also has a variety of pubs and bars with everything from nightclubs, to sports bars, cocktail lounges and neighborhood pubs!

76698-9950I’ve talked to quite a few lifelong residents who have not been to any of the museums in years….or even decades….if ever.  That is truly a shame since the History Museum at the Castle, Paper Discovery Center, Building For Kids, Hearthstone House Museum and Trout Museum of Art are all wonderful and offer unique traveling exhibits that we are privileged to have available to us locally.

We are also fortunate to have so many local Arts and Culture Organizations offering concerts, plays and more.  Don’t forget to check the offerings provided by Lawrence University students, faculty and visitors!  Attend an event you haven’t been to before or in years. 

Finally,the Fox Trot Trail and Public Art Map both make an enjoyable excuse for exercise if you need one.

To help you with this challenge, follow us on Facebook for updates and more information on some of the businesses that make Downtown Appleton One Great Place.  We’ll help you see Downtown Appleton through the eyes of a tourist.  Of course, you don’t have to abandon the shops, restaurants and events you already love, we just want to invite you to try something new!  Happy New Year!

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