What is your Leap Day tradition?

Believe it or not, it takes the earth just a little bit longer than 365 days to orbit around the sun. That is why every four years we add an extra day to February and we call it Leap Day. Now there are many different traditions and superstitions that come along with Leap Day. Even though now it may be socially acceptable for a woman to propose to a man, back in the day when it wasn’t totally acceptable, it was only on Leap Day. This tradition started in Ireland and carried into other European countries. In some of these European countries if a man refused a marriage proposal from a woman on this day, he owed her either money or 12 pairs of gloves that she would use to cover up the embarrassment of not having an engagement ring to wear.

Here in Appleton, we have one tradition that we are happy to participate in and that is our Leap Local event that is taking place on Leap Day, Saturday, February 29th downtown Appleton. Downtown businesses are giving you a reason to leap for joy February 29th, even if that does mean an extra day of winter. They will be offering deals so big they can only offer them once every four years! Over 35 businesses will be offering special deals!

If you’re planning on proposing this weekend, maybe you will either be on the hunt for some wedding attire accessories at Ivory Rose Bridal Boutique or maybe 12 pairs of gloves that can be found at a clothing boutique. Or maybe you are looking to purchase that special ring for that special someone and can visit Angels Forever-Windows of Light. Good news for you is that there are deals for you this weekend!

Photo Credit: Angels Forever-Windows of Light

Many local businesses are offering either 29% off of retail and merchandise items or 29 cent beers. Deals you will not want to miss! We will also be giving away some Downtown Appleton Gift certificates, which you can be entered in by participating this Saturday!

While some may view Leap Day as a day of silly superstitions, others view it as an opportunity to have a whole extra day of their year! Make Leap Local your new Leap Day tradition and come out this Saturday! Click here for more details: https://appletondowntown.org/leap-local/

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