One Great Place for Public Art

Murals have been around for well over 3,000 years. Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics to paint on tombs and the Minoans used art all throughout their palaces. As the years passed, art just was not for the elitist groups in society but became freely accessible to the public. Now art is everywhere- especially in Downtown Appleton. There is sidewalk poetry, murals, and sculptures all throughout College Ave. These works of art create beautiful backdrops for pictures and a sense of adventure to discover them.

Adding art to our Downtown area creates a uniqueness to our very own community. It takes the built industrial environment and humanizes it by adding vibrant colors and individual shapes. Some of Appleton’s murals bring laughter like the mural at Muncheez Pizza (pictured above). Some murals bring back good memories like the Mile of Music mural at the corner of College Ave. and State Street. And some murals bring curiosity like Heid Music’s mural located at Heid Music.

Recently, Downtown Appleton added a new mural to their collection (featured above). Irineo Medinia created a mural on the side of Crazy Sweet (between College Ave and N Appleton St.) named “For Us”. The mural radiates positivity and a sense of community. Many busy downtown goers have taken a minute to stop and take in the message Medinia portrayed.

Photo Credit: The Fire

Just like, “For Us,” there are multiple murals throughout the downtown area including a mural at The Fire, Ambassadors, and McFleshman's Brewing Company. You could find all of these murals and MORE on Appleton Downtown Inc.’s Public Art Map. You can find this map under the Exploring Downtown on ADI’s website or you can click here.

Enjoy the last couple weeks of warm weather and take on a new adventure to discover all the art that has been produced in the heart of Downtown Appleton.

Don’t forget! Make sure you take pictures in front of these gorgeous works of art and tag us in them on Facebook. We can’t wait to see your mural adventure!

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