2020: A Year in Instagram Photos

2020 certainly has been a whirlwind.  Through the challenges and ups & downs that was endured by all, let's take a moment to appreciate the good that has come from this year.  Let's look back with our top 9 Instagram photos from 2020. What is amazing is that these 9 images truly capture the incredible support from the community that helped keep Downtown Appleton One Great Place!  From local shops and restaurants, small outdoor concerts, farm market, and the seasons we love. Here’s to making the most out of 2020 and cheers to looking forward to 2021!

#9 – Lunchtime Live on the Road! @Fratello's Waterfront Restaurant

#8 – One Great Place for Outdoor Dining this summer!

#7 - All things fall can be found in Downtown Appleton!

#6 - Support Small, Local Businesses!

#5 - We LOVE our Downtown Appleton!

#4 - Outdoor dining + live music = Lunchtime Live on the Road series

#3 - Downtown Appleton Farm Market outdoors on College Ave!

#2 - Spreading HOPE for the holidays with the help of our friends at Boldt

#1 - Downtown Unites - For Us mural by Irineo E. Medina

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