2020 Downtown President's Award Winner!

Congratulations to Gabriel Lofts on being this year's President's Award Winner!

The President's Award is presented to an individual, group or business who within their working relationship with ADI and the downtown went above and beyond that usual relationship to contribute to the success of downtown.

There's no denying that the outstanding Gabriel Lofts project did go above and beyond to contribute to the future of Downtown Appleton.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Lofts

Photo Credit: Gabriel Lofts

The project began in the spring of 2019 after the long standing, very successful Gabriel Furniture owners, Joe & Ruby Wells, decided it was time to retire.  FORE Development + Investment Group decided to take this opportunity to honor their history and create a unique development that will compliment what Downtown Appleton has to offer.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Lofts

Photo Credit: Gabriel Lofts

FORE Development + Investment Group is a family owned Real Estate Company that is seeking to provide urban, residential and mixed-use developments.  The recent housing study performed a few years ago showed that people of all walks of life want to live in Downtown Appleton.  The iconic Gabriel building was the perfect opportunity to bring new and old together and provide residential and retail opportunities.

During the renovation, the building was modernized with new windows, HVAC, plumbing, lighting and an elevator, but it kept the historical archways, wainscoting, grand stairwell, and some of the interior brick to create a unique living environment. The 3-tired, adjacent building were demolished, allowing the opportunity to meld the old with new.  The end result is apartment living on the second and third floors with first floor retail space currently housing Nicolet National Bank and Kodere Salon.

To learn more about Gabriel Lofts, click here!

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