WHAT is EBT and WHAT can be purchased?

EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) is an issued debit card that is used to purchase food products and access cash benefits and welfare programs. You can purchase most food with your EBT card except alcohol, pet food, or hot prepared foods. You can also purchase seeds and plants to grow food.

WHO uses EBT?

People of all age use EBT, including families, people living alone, and those experiencing homelessness. Eligibility can be determined by a calculation that takes into consideration family size, citizenship status, household income, and certain expenses. Students throughout our district and their families use EBT, and that is why it is important to grow awareness of the resources they can access, and for all other families to have the ability to learn more about these benefits.

WHERE is EBT debit cards accepted in Appleton?

Below is a link which has a list of of all locations, in Appleton which accept EBT cards as a form of payment.


The outdoor Appleton Farm Market runs June- October and the indoor farm market runs November and December and is also a location which accepts EBT cards. At the EBT Information Booth, cards can be swiped to choose an amount of tokens that can be used. Tokens do not expire throughout the year and can be used for approved products; however, no cash back is allowed!