General Public & Farm Market Visitor Questions

What are the dates of market?
Saturdays: Market is outside every Saturday mid-June through October, then moves inside City Center Plaza November to January. The Community Public Market occurs once a month, February to April.  There is NO market on Octoberfest weekend (last Sat. of Sept).

Where is market?
Saturday: June-Oct.: Outside on College Avenue; Appleton to Drew Street plus vendors in Houdini Plaza and Oneida Street (south of College). Nov-Jan: Inside City Center located at 10 College Avenue. Once a month Feb-Apr: Community Public Market, Inside Fox Cities Exhibition Center

What are the hours?
Saturday: 8 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (June-Oct.)
Saturday: 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (Nov.-Jan.)
Saturday: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. (Feb.-Apr.)

Is EBT offered at market?
Yes, we do accept EBT (Food Share) cards at market. Recipients can swipe their card at the information booth located in center of market and receive wooden $1 tokens to shop at market to supplement their grocery assistance with fresh local produce, meat, cheese or bakery.
Accepted EBT vendors have approved signage and can assist with questions. Because tokens do not expire, you can use them throughout the season or even inside at the Indoor Market. We can ONLY accept tokens with our market logo on them, as that is the only way we can reimburse the farmer.

Where is the Information Booth?
The Information Booth is a great resource for Farm Market goers.  You can learn all about special events happening, pick up new magazines and maps, swipe your EBT cards for tokens, plus it is a great place to ask a Downtown Appleton Farm Market staff member where you can find certain products and/or your favorite vendor! During the Indoor Market, the booth is located right next to Tropical Smoothie Cafe.  During the Outdoor Market, the booth is located outside City Center Plaza's main entrance (intersection of College Ave and Oneida St). During the Community Public Market, the booth is located in the pre-function space as soon as you go down the escalator to the ground floor.

Can I bring my pet?
Sorry, no pets are allowed. Per City Ordinance 10-47, pets are not allowed at ANY special events. Violators may be fined $186.00

Is there a place to park?
There is no reserved parking for vendors or shoppers. We recommend parking in the ramps downtown, so you don’t have to worry about how long you spend enjoying the market.

  • The Appleton Public Library parking lot on Washington St (metered parking)
  • One of the other 3 parking ramps downtown: Red (Red Lion), Green (PAC) and Yellow (East on Washington St)
  • OR...any of the available parking meters on College Ave and neighboring streets

Click here for additional information about downtown parking.

Potential  Farm Market Vendor Questions

How do I become a vendor?
It is an application process that is dependent on what you’re selling. All items must be hand-crafted or hand-grown to be eligible to participate. We have three different applications. Due to the high volume of interest, we do have a waiting list, with several categories capped off.

What is the cost?
On Saturdays, a single 10’ x 12’ stall the fee is $50/day. A double 20’ x 12’ sized stall fee is $80/day. Booths at the indoor market are $25 each.

What is the size of a booth?
Depending on availability, there are three different sized booths, but most booths are 10’ wide and 12’ deep.

How do I obtain a WI Sellers permit?
There is an online application available through the state for a permit:  We highly recommend you apply & receive a number, as we are required by law to submit all of your information from your application as you participate.

Why isn’t the application online?
Due to our extensive waiting list, we are currently not accepting applications, but would love to add you to our waiting list. Click here to find out how to get on the waiting list.