Chalk On The Town So Many Things to Love

Friday, August 19th Downtown Appleton was full of chalk and artists, young and old, creating beautiful chalk murals for the special Chalk on the Town event for Art on the Town.

Renee Torzala attended Chalk on the Town and this what she had to say about the event.

How do I love Downtown Appleton?  There are so many reasons I love coming Downtown, how can I possibly count them all?  I think the main reason I’m drawn to Downtown is because it radiates a feeling of community… where you can always find good coffee and soak in the sights, sounds and smiles of those around you.

Whether our family is attending the Farm Market, enjoying a Thursday evening concert, taking a trolley ride to the riverfront, or stopping at the coffee shop after church, we always leave with a sense of gratitude.  How did we get so lucky to live in such a wonderful community?

This was evident once again last Friday when our whole family decided to check out the Chalk About Town event to see what it was all about.  I knew our kids might be a little old for some of the activities, but it turned out to be a great little event – and another excuse to stop into our favorite places!

It all began in Houdini Plaza where kids and the young-at-heart were invited to design to their heart’s content wherever they chose.  With festive music playing and a live Mary Poppins greeting everyone, you couldn’t help but smile.  It took a little prodding, but after some thought and coaxing from Mary Poppins…our little artists went to work and really amazed me with their creations.  Even more amazing were the several professional chalk art pictures displayed on the sidewalk along the Avenue!

People attending the Art about Town event in the evening were able to see the finished artwork, but we actually got to see the artists creating them in person!  As we made our way along the Avenue, we made sure to stop at the Copper Rock for gelato and iced coffee.  We also discovered some new favorite spots, along with our trusty favorites!

We enjoyed our day so much that we came back the next day for the Farm Market.  To our children’s delight, their sidewalk creations were still there, displayed prominently amid the vendors and shoppers.  All weekend they were chalking it up in our driveway, but instead of a simple sun or flower, they were creating wizards and brightly colored creatures.   Who knew that a simple event would spark such creativity?

I can’t count the ways that I love Downtown, since there are too many.  I just know that we’ll be back!


Photos by Renee Torzala

Please join us for the Friday, September 16th Art on the Town

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