Beauty, Functionality, Simplicity and Quality Peacefully Co-existing

Remember to visit Globally Sound Fair Trade this Friday, September 16 for Art on the Town from 6 – 9 pm.

Featuring: Bernardo Cano – Charcoal, Painting & Photography

"My art consists of what music and my surroundings let me see and feel. Charcoal drawings, paintings but mostly photography. For to play with the eye is the joy of life and the feel of one's heart."

Stuart Eastham – Woodworking

"Born in 1961 in a small gold mining town near Colorado Spring's  named Cripple Creek. Ever since I can remember I've always enjoyed things that were beautiful and unusual. After a hard rain, my older brothers would sometimes let me tag along with them as they scoured the freshly eroded gullies in search of turquoise. I'm sure any nice specimens I may have found were quickly commandeered! With the end of the gold standard and the mines playing out, my father decided to look for work in California, while my mother stayed behind to finish out teaching the school year.Either he never found work or he forgot he had a wife and four kids. Whatever the reason, my mother figured it best to move her three sons and daughter closer to her family homestead of Appleton.

I enjoyed a great childhood thanks to my family, I even had a great aunt that owned a tiny corner grocery store! I guess the old store fixtures and my aunt's old furniture started my interest in furniture and wood in general.

I graduated from west high school in 1979 and knocked around a bit, even spent a few years working in the oil fields.When I returned to Wisconsin I opened a small cabinet shop but was too unrealistic to really make a go of it. I eventually ended up spending twenty years in the Carpenter's Union, and I must say I did enjoy the good times. Today I have a chance to try something new, but this time I will be more realistic about certain compromises. I still enjoy beauty but functionality , simplicity, and , above all, quality can peacefully co-exist.

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