The YAP Movement

by Nathan Litt

I am a YAP--a Young Appleton Professional.  I live, work, and play in Downtown Appleton and I love it!  To paraphrase a favorite saying of a longtime Appleton resident:  Downtown Appleton is the center of my universe.

Age is what you make of it and while you don't have to be 25 to enjoy all that downtown has to offer, as a twenty-something with an active lifestyle, I enjoy having it all--nightlife, great coffee shops and cafes, live music, unique shops, the arts, and much more--right at my door step.

Are you a YAP?  Join the movement!  As a YAP, share what you like about Downtown Appleton.  Where do you like to hang out; where do you go after work to socialize; what do you do downtown on the weekends; what is your favorite restaurant/coffee shop/cafe; where do you go to meet other YAPs?

I am a YAP and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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