Hand Written Love Notes - from KatBlue & Fox River Wood Shop

Personalized hand written love notes from KatBlu and Fox River Wood Shop.

Joe Martin created a special gift for his family loved ones from two of our new downtown businesses.  Joe shared his touching letter to Matt and Mackenzie with us below.


Dear Matt and Mackenzie,

You’ve had the time to celebrate a wonderful year plus of marriage. I’m so happy for you both. I think of you both often, Mackenzie we have only met once. Remember, you are part of a very large family, that is kind, caring, and has much love. I hope the future allow us to spend time to get to know one another.

This is my wedding, anniversary, and Christmas gift. Carpenter’s love notes and wooden keepsake box. Designed for you, personal love notes. There will be times when you will be away from each other. Whether baseball, traveling, or family. Writing or reading a love note to or from each other, will always keep you close.

So I have provided paper, cards, and envelopes. A beautiful walnut keepsake box to store them. As I flip through the dusty pages of history, I see some common themes. Men with long-lasting marriages (Winston Churchill, George Washington, George H. Bush, Ronald Reagan, etc…) tended to write love letters to their wives–with consistency. They cultivated an ability to express their feelings in writing.

The Challenge

The instant communication tools of today have nearly obliterated the love letter, which is a crying shame. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the tech wonders of our day.  Email? I love it–so useful. Texting? Same deal. Twitter? Addictive as all get out. These are all fantastic tools for communicating with co-workers, making plans with friends–even asking for the grocery list. At the end of the day, though, a well-written love letter communicates deep affection in a way that a bazillion texts, emails, and tweets never can. I challenge both of you to write those letters in great times and difficult times, sad and happy, alone and sad. Years will pass, allow your grandchildren to read them at your 50th Anniversary.

Love you both,

Uncle Joe and Collin

Create your own love notes with:

KatBlu Studio
206 E. College Ave.

Fox River Wood Shop
212 E. College Ave. 

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