2015 Dreamers and Doers Award - Will and Pam Weider

2015 Dreamers and Doers Award

Presented to a business, group or individual that has significantly enhanced, for years to come, the physical and/or economic landscape of the downtown. This award is about vision … and the ability to turn vision into reality.

When an iconic building in downtown lost its long time business tenant in 2009, the community watched with great anticipation and after 5 years sitting empty this visionary couple came forward to purchase the building.
This long time Appleton couple had a dream to retire in downtown Chicago, but then that plan changed when they started to see Appleton and Downtown evolve, grow and embrace creative economy. “We like the direction Downtown is going and we want to be a part of it here in Downtown Appleton  - but we want to do it our way!

What happened next was truly visionary! Their dream for an urban loft became reality when this couple built their dream retirement home on the second floor of the old Conkey’s Building. The complete renovation and transformation of this building upstairs and down is remarkable! With the addition of a garage, an elevator, reclaimed floors and the preservation of a ghost sign this urban home is inviting, chic and probably has the best view for all of the parades!


We applaud Will and Pam Weider for their vision, their determination and investment in reviving the old Conkey’s building in Downtown Appleton into something extraordinary.   

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