Farm Market Sponsor Ulness Health Helping You Make Good Decisions about Health Care


Our company has been involved with the Farm Market for 7 years, 4 under Affinity's sponsorship and this is now our third year of sponsorship on our own.  

We sponsor the Farm Market because it gives us the opportunity to have a high profile in our community.  We are able to make ourselves available to answer questions for people regarding health insurance.  This field continues to become more and more complicated.  As students of the industry, we keep current on the ever changing information.  People are sometimes surprised to know that there are people who can help them navigate the Healthcare Insurance maze at no cost to them. 

Ulness Bldg FrontOur favorite thing about the Farm Market is the joy of seeing people engaged in healthy activities.  We have a wonderful downtown and one of the best farm markets in the state.  We get to watch people making good decisions about the food they eat, meeting old and new friends, taking a walk on a beautiful summer morning listening to great local music and supporting local farmers, merchants and members of the service community.  We also greatly appreciate the opportunity to help people - clients or not.  64 year olds often are thankful for help with the whole Medicare process.  At the same time, people losing employer coverage or who have not had health insurance recently often have concerns. We are at the market to answer those questions, too!

logoSome people are unaware that when purchasing insurance, it is a good idea to talk to a broker.  A broker is an agent who can speak knowledgeably about a number of different options.   The client has the opportunity to make a choice about what is best for them.   

Downtown Appleton is "One Great Place"!  We live here, work here and love to have people visit one of Wisconsin's great city centers. 

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