Review: The Freckled Frogg's Basil Vinaigrette Available at Farm Market

image009I had the pleasure of chatting with the two owners Michael and Jamie at their booth.  They are very excited about sharing their story and their vinaigrettes which are prominently used at their garden café in Waupaca.

While Michael suggested using the vinaigrette primarily on salads – Jamie was anxious to share with me her recent use as a marinade on chicken.  So, I did both!  See below:

I came up with this lovely salad to use the Basil Vinaigrette.  I set a bed of spinach, slivered very thin red onion, fresh strawberries, feta and grilled peaches.  Drizzling the basil vinaigrette was the “spa-ha” treatment!


The vinaigrette really married all the flavors.  The balance between the basil-oil-honey was perfect and the freshness was top notch!  I give great compliments to the inventor of this wonderful product.  Well done Freckled Frogg!

And here is the marinade chicken idea I snitched from Jamie -  and it is a winner for sure – a must do again recipe!


Marinade for approx. 1-2 hours in refrigerator.  Grill until nice and crisp on the outside.   The inside stays so moist you can’t believe it – so you quickly take a second bite to see if it’s true!  So YUMMY and delicious.

The marinade is very mild at this point – it’s not real dominant, but I am positive this is the only reason the chicken grilled up so nicely and stayed so moist!


THANK YOU  Freckled Frogg -  I will highly recommend you to others and I will also be making a special day trip just to check out your Garden café in Waupaca!

Freckled Frogg is at the market every week in the block between Durkee & Drew St.

Blogger – Pamela Plamann – Greenville, WI

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