Mystical Earth Gallery - A Magical Place

The Earth can be a magical place.  It is a place of beauty, fascination, and perplexity.  We travel to experience and see unique and primitive works of art.


680 lb crystal cluster Found in Jessieville, AK Mines over 20 years ago

We now have some collector worthy crystals right here in Appleton.  They have been displayed all over the United States and truly a must-see.  At Mystical Earth Gallery, Master Jesse has brought in an incredible display of crystals that are unique in their own way.  These aren’t something that you see every day.  Each one exerting energy as they sparkle beneath the display lights.


400 lbs Found in Jessieville, AK Has been displayed all over the country

“My goal is to make a display that people will travel from all over to see.”  Jesse stated.

He is definitely on the right track with these breathtaking crystals.  Master Jesse is very knowledgeable and willing to share his education and passion with others.


270 lbs Found in Jessieville, AK Double terminated crystals 360 degrees

While you’re there, shop big and help a local store continue to bring in these precious stones.  The stones are brought in from all over the world, and we can buy and experience them right here in Appleton.

Mystical Earth Gallery is located at 112 E. College Avenue inside City Center. It is open Tuesday- Friday 11a.m-6p.m and Saturday 11a.m-4p.m

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