Walker Glove at Downtown Appleton Farm Market

logo.pngHave you tried on Walker Gloves at the farm market?  There is nothing else like Walker Gloves.  They offer the warmth and protection of a mitten and are as flexible to use as a glove.


Walker Gloves are convertible from gloves to mittens.


See Walker Glove and learn more about these unique gloves every Saturday from 9 - 12:30  inside City Center at the Downtown Appleton Farm Market.


Walker Glove video.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GyJuKC-VTg]

Here's some background about Walker Glove.

Walker Glove LLC was formed in 2012 after Paul secured 2 U.S. patents in developing this product and after many years of trying to secure a manufacturer with potential sales.

The first shipment of Walker Gloves arrived in September of 2012 and we have begun the task of getting the word out.  Those of you who have tried the glove at the Appleton Farmers Market, have given us terrific feedback.  Some are disappointed that we could not have this glove made in the USA, however our gloves are sold in the USA with the proceeds going to support families of the USA. Others have shown great enthusiasm at the unique design and flexible features of the glove.

Join us at the Downtown Appleton Farm market inside City Center from 9 to 12:30 pm every Saturday!

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