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Mind and Body Products can be found at the indoor farm market every Saturday inside City Center from 9 am to 12:30 pm. We love to share the background stories from our great local farm market vendors. Here’s how Mind and Body Products got started direct from founder, Mar Bentley.


“How did you get into this business?” is a question we often get asked.

As this scenario typically takes place in a public setting, we usually answer with a general outline. However, for those interested in the details, here is our story.

When our children were much younger, our family faced one of our most unpleasant challenges. Our daughter was becoming increasingly fuzzy in her thinking, unable to concentrate, and had trouble sleeping at night. She wasn’t the same bright, giggly, and happy girl she had been her whole life.

At first, we dismissed it as a growing child who merely wanted to stay up later, and not getting enough rest. As her condition got worse, we became alarmed.

In the fall of that particular year, she began having mild seizures. We took her to a pediatric neurologist who informed us she would have lifelong learning disabilities, wouldn’t ever be able to go swimming, couldn’t be left alone, and so forth. We were also told that she would need to be put on drugs to control her seizures. The drugs, we were told, would have negative side effects, too. We were told that her condition was “incurable.” Conventional medicine had written her off and given us little, if any, hope.

With a proactive approach, and wanting another opinion, we took her to a natural therapist. In doing some independent research beforehand, we had anticipated dramatic changes to our lifestyle.

Besides radically changing our family’s diet, our natural therapist advised us to get our daughter off all chemicals possible.

This change forced us to ask ourselves a number of questions. “When she has a reaction to a bug bite, how will we treat it?” “If she gets a rash, what will we do?” “What will she bathe with?”

One of the first things we made was our now popular Healing Salve for those little nicks, cuts, scrapes, bug bites and so on. We also made our own pure glycerin soap, in order to minimize her exposure to unnatural chemical compounds. And, to help our daughter detoxify her body, we made bath salts with Epsom salt, lavender and peppermint essential oils.

When friends, family, neighbors and others in our community found out about our products, they asked us, “why don’t you go into business?” The rest, as they say, is history.

That’s how the concept of Mind & Body Products was born.

Meanwhile, you might be thinking, “well, what happened to your daughter?”

We’re glad you asked.

Due to a combination of factors, over time her condition has much improved. Contrary to the gloomy “incurable” future painted for us, her seizures stopped.

Once again she began enjoying all those things kids love to do. And she is much like she used to be — very happy.

As for our company today, our threefold business philosophy is simple. First, we don’t put any ingredients in our products that most people can’t pronounce.

Second, we use only the purest and best ingredients from the most natural sources we can find. Because of our products’ high quality, customers note that a little bit goes a long way.

Third, our products are in the price range of most anybody.

Mind & Body Products …
from the best ingredients …
made with love …
and sent from our family to you.

Mar Bentley
Mind & Body Products, LLC

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