Visit KT Garden at our Indoor Farm Market


Make sure to visit KT Garden at Saturday's Downtown Appleton Farm Market KT Garden, owned and operated by Terry and Kathy Schmoldt, specializes in fresh vegetables, bakery, eggs, honey, and hand made crafts.

During the winter months, Terry enjoys hydroponic gardening.
They have a greenhouse for starting plants, two hoop houses (high tunnels) for tomatoes, peppers, and green beans.

Bees not only pollinate the vegetables, but also provide raw honey and honeycomb to share with customers.
Their free roaming chickens produce flavorful brown eggs .
Bakery items include breads, cakes, and cookies.


Terry and Kathy have made crafts for over 30 years making pet beds, slumped glass, wooden decorations, potato and corn on the cob bags, ceramics, and marshmallow shooters .
Please visit them on facebook: KT Garden, LLC.

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