Purple Angel Dementia Aware Establishments in Downtown Appleton

purple angel

You may have noticed a Purple Angel decal on the door or window of neighboring downtown businesses: shops, restaurants, bars or taverns.  It means that owners and employees have received simple training in how to offer hospitality and customer service to customers who have some symptoms of dementia: confusion, difficulty making choices, problems with handling money.  As our population ages, more of us will be contending with such symptoms – up to half of us should we live long enough.

Here's a list of Establishments that have received dementia awareness training.


Atlas Coffee Mill, Appleton

Frank’s Pizza Palace, Appleton

Muncheez Pizzeria, Appleton


Cleo’s, Appleton

Spats Food & Spirits

Government and Non-Profit

Appleton YMCA

Appleton Public Library

Trout Museum of Art

Paper Discovery Center

Homeless Connections

The Building For Kids Children’s Museum

Retail Businesses

Faces Eyewear, Appleton

The Fire Studio

Blue Moon Emporium

Avenue Jewelers

Angels Forever/Windows of Light

The Rug Company

Gabriel Furniture


Wells Fargo, Appleton


The Appleton Post-Crescent


Midtown Parking Ramp, Appleton

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