2016 Tower Installation

As a casual observer between subject and lens, Graham Washatka revels in the moment – capturing the human spirit as it surfaces in a throng of a frenzied music fans or in the intimacy of a private encounter. Graham is a Fox Valley based photographer who’s keen eye is often called upon to catalogue downtown events and music festivals. Beyond countless wedding albums, his photos appear in numerous area publications, websites, and mobile apps. Presented here are just a few of his many favorites from his expansive catalogue of work. 9825

This photo was taken in 2013 while I was covering the University of Southern Maine’s baseball team at the NCAA Division 3 Championships at the Timber Rattlers stadium. The Huskies made a good run into the tournament and finished second. It was great to get to know the coaches and players, and they’ve given me something to root for year to year. I always enjoy catching the “in between” moments, I think they’re the ones that help complete a story for the viewer.


I took this photo during a hip-hop show in 2016 at Chadwick’s that was put together by PULSE, a branch of Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce. I covered a full week of events called Young Professionals Week and this was the end cap celebration of the events. As a younger kid, I was into hip-hop, but it’s been awhile since I’ve been to a show. The way a good group or act can get the crowd into the same groove is awesome to witness.


This is a photo of Minnesota musician Dan Rodriguez. He performed at the Lawrence Chapel as part of Mile of Music in 2015. He’s one of the many musical gems I’ve discovered and gotten to know from the many talented acts that Mile of Music has brought into our community.


This photograph is from a special event that was put together by Homeless Connections and Thrivent. It was a day of fishing at Jefferson Park in Menasha. I really enjoyed how much fun the kids were having despite the only catches throughout the whole day being a lawn chair and some weeds!


I was honored to be asked to document the memorial service for the shooting on the Trestle Trail in Neenah/Menasha. This was an event that really shook our community. The Hands Over the Fox service was so well done, the turnout was amazing and I doubt there was a dry eye on the bridge.


Here are two staples from within our Fox Cities; Octoberfest and Cool Waters Band. I love the size of the crowd in lead singer Greg Waters’s sunglasses. What a wild transformation our city goes under for that event!


9680This is a photo of a yoga class that was put on at The Draw in part of the Young Professionals Week by PULSE. The Draw has been a breath of fresh air to the creative community in the Fox Cities. It hosts offices for many small businesses within varying creative fields and it is a great space for events and classes.


The transformation of many walls into murals has been awesome to see over the years. One of the most prominent has been the “Art Alley” on the side of Appleton’s History Museum at the Castle. This was a fun shot to get! I used every inch of my reach, every angle of tilt of my camera’s “live view” screen and every pound of counterweight in my legs. I thought I had a good photo after shooting this one… I love how it turned out!9781


This is a photo of sugar packets. The sugar packets are in a sugar packet holder. The sugar packet holder is on a table. Simple right! I just love the color of the sugar packets jumping out from the white surroundings. Something about this image has always spoken loudly to me...

I shoot my fair share of weddings and what I love most about them is getting to work with awesome clients and get to know them. I have some seriously awesome who have chosen me to cover their wedding. This wedding was no exception and this bike held its side of the awesome bargain. This was the bride’s grandpa’s bike and it was decorated perfectly throughout the day. Welcoming the guests as they arrived at the ceremony site, and thanking them when they left the reception. Gotta love green grass, old bikes, and big balloons!!!


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