Miron’s Dream Project inspires Downtown Appleton

Are you curious about the giant chalkboard inside the parklet at 215 E. College Avenue? This interactive exhibit was initiated by Miron Construction Co., Inc. to engage the community and inspire people to share their dreams with others.


The exhibit itself is based on the “Before I Die” global art project that invites people to reflect on their lives and write their personal aspirations on a public chalkboard. The original wall was created by artist Candy Chang in New Orleans in 2011 when she became depressed after losing someone she loved. After receiving permission, she painted the side of an abandoned house in her neighborhood with chalkboard paint and the words, “Before I die, I want to…“ The wall was full by the next day and a movement began to grow. Today, more than 1,000 walls have been created in more than 70 countries, including one in Downtown Appleton!

img_0437Miron Construction approached ADI and Creative Downtown Inc. this summer to see if the exhibit could be created here. They called it “The Dream Project” to share the concept of dream fulfillment in our community. In 2012, Miron’s leadership team read the book, The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly. The book made such an impact that they decided to hire their own Dream Coach to help employees bring their personal dreams to life. The thought is that by helping employees become the best version of themselves, employees will then help bring their company to new heights.

“This same concept can apply to communities,” said Craig Bieri, Miron’s creative specialist. “Each person who shares their dream on the wall becomes part of a shared, welcoming space where we realize that we aren’t alone.”


Craig Bieri, Tonya Dittman, Melissa Schulteis, and Andrea Krause, all of Miron Construction, volunteer for the Creative Downtown Committee. The Dream Project will be on display at the College Avenue Parklet Place through  the end of October. Check out this video showing Miron's Dream Project in action!

Creating a more diverse, inclusive and livable Downtown is part of the mission of Creative Downtown Appleton Inc. Creating interactive art in public spaces is just one way that we can encourage participation and community building. If you would like to support the work of Creative Downtown Appleton Inc., you can become a placemaker at https://appletondowntown.org/creative-downtown/.

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