Skate Your Way into Winter Family Fun!

SQA goal - team celebration

The following blog is written and brought to us by Scott Jensen, Sales & Marketing Director of Appleton Ice, Inc.

When’s the last time you laced up your skates? Skating is like swimming, many of us learn when we are young, but then we don’t go again until we are adults. Skating can be a lifelong sport. I learned to skate at the age of three and am now in my 25th year of hockey. Whether I’m officiating or playing recreationally, I stay involved on the ice. Figure skaters find the same thing to be true - there’s something refreshing about taking the ice.

Whatever your level of experience, give ice skating another chance! It can be challenging and a bit awkward at first, but I think you’ll find it also can be one of the most fun and accessible winter sports for the whole family!


Appleton Ice offers year-round Basic Skills classes for everyone; child to adult. Appleton Ice is also the home for the area’s hockey and figure skating teams. Sign up for a class, join a team, or see the calendar of events at our two rinks at