Lou’s Brew Cafe

Lou’s Brew Cafe

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With its historic origins, trendy decorations and unique business model, Lou’s Brew Cafe is as ambitious as it gets when it comes to our downtown coffee shops in Appleton.  Tasked with the challenge of filling the space where local-favorite Harmony Coffee once resided, Lou’s Brew Café located at 233 E. College Avenue takes the historic Langstadt building in a new direction; one that includes both a coffee shop and a beer bar.  Although those two enterprises might seem to be at odds, Lou’s is forging an environment where those two separate ecosystems not only co-exist but also complement one another.  The challenge of weaving these two environments together is certainly daunting, but Lou’s accomplishes it by tying the two together through a hipster-targeted setting and ever-so-trendy decorations.  Visitors are greeted by dangling lightbulbs hung from re-claimed beams that levitate from the ceilings and beautiful exposed brick walls lined with a variety of different art installations including an impressive guitar collection.  Stop in and enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage!

Written by Robert Desotelle, ADI intern, and Lawrence Student

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