Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, and we need your help deciding what projects Creative Downtown Appleton should focus on in 2018 and we’d love your support in making it happen. If you didn’t receive the email detailing the projects we have in mind, you can read it here.


Creative Downtown Appleton and Sculpture Valley, our partner in Acre of Art, teamed up for Giving Tuesday to ask for your support to keep up this great work. Additionally, on our donate page, we want to hear from YOU about what projects we should focus on in 2018.

Your support and patronage has already helped make Downtown Appleton a more beautiful, accessible, and diverse place. Public art and culture is crucial to helping Appleton continue to grow and maintain its reputation as a place that all people can grow, engage and be welcomed into. You can support the Appleton creative economy movement by boosting the cultural and artistic environment through the development of opportunities for community access to arts, music,and culture. Art has inherent value for its beauty, but it does so much more for everyone; mentally, developmentally, and for the community. The best thing about the art we support and create together is that there are no barriers. Anyone can be a part of, and benefit from, the art YOU help make happen.

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Please consider making a tax-deductible gift today and share this with anyone you know who cares about arts in Appleton! All proceeds will be split between Creative Downtown Appleton and Sculpture Valley to help make Downtown Appleton a vibrant and diverse place for public arts and culture.

Please make a gift and tell us what you want to see next year!

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