Flotation Therapy in Downtown Appleton


An alternative therapy option is now available in Downtown Appleton at Float Light located at 609 W. College Avenue. Floatation Therapy (also known as Sensory Deprivation) is where you enter a floatation tank, pod or cabin, lay down in the body temperature controlled water and float. You float as you would in a normal swimming pool, but without the need for breath control or concentration. You are laying in about 15 inches of water with approximately 1,500 pounds of dissolved Epsom Salts to make floating effortless! While in the tank, you are in a totally controlled environment.

Float Room

The air and water temperature are set with the body's natural temperature to alleviate the sense of physical feeling. We offer two Float Cabins currently and are excitedly awaiting the arrival of a Pod. Inside the floatation tank, there are sound and light controls for the guest’s personal preference although the best relaxation for most is found with no sound or light. This allows the alleviation of the senses of hearing and seeing.


When you settle into a comfortable position in the water, you just let go. Unplug from society and get back to just you, in your own most innocent form. With the water being nearly as buoyant as the Dead Sea, all gravity is lifted from your body to release tension and pain. The absorption of magnesium from the Epsom Salt is extremely rejuvenating, most people feel a burst of renewed energy once leaving the tank. Everyone’s experience is different, just as everyone has different needs.

Float Lounge

Our guests come to float for either physical, mental, and or spiritual benefits. Float Light allows you to float in a private sacred space to assist in letting go, to re-center yourself and find a deeper relaxation and personal healing.
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