Wildwood Film Festival 2018


Asking an organizer to write about the upcoming 17th Annual Wildwood Film Festival is similar to asking a wallpaper hanger to do his job in a windstorm, interesting to say the least.  At this point, less than a week away from our event, random thoughts go through my mind.  How much time is there in a day? What is critical for the event and what is not? Leading up to the event it becomes a process of checking items off a large to-do list and the realization that the truly large, mission-critical items are all handled. Thankfully, the event is going to happen on Feb. 16 and 17 right here in Downtown Appleton. 

Wildwood Film Festival at the Fox Cities PAC on March 10, 2017. - Photo by Graham Washatka - www.grahamimages.net


For those in the community who may not have heard, the Wildwood Film Festival is a film event focused on “Celebrating Wisconsin Talent”. Every piece shown during the two-day event and the seventeen-year history has had a demonstrable connection to this place we call HOME.  Wisconsin has been and is still the home to some terrifically talented individuals.  This event highlights individuals of all experience levels.   


If you have some pre-conceived notion of what Wildwood might be based on either a “student film event” in your or maybe your child’s school, or based on the idea that it’s only boring foreign films with subtitles, give that up right now.  The Wildwood Film Festival truly has something for almost every member of the film-going public.  If you want thrills, we have them. If you want laughs, we have those too. This year we have over 30 short films PLUS 3 feature length films! If you want to be scared, if you want to learn, and even if you want to cry, you will have your chance during the TWO-day event,  with six sessions of film, two educational events, and one great wrap party.  Come, enjoy, and help us “Celebrate Wisconsin Film Talent” like never before!

               For a complete schedule of events, please visit Wildwoodfilmfestival.com.  And if you enjoy the event, consider volunteering to help plan, promote or work at next year’s event.

Written by Jason Buss, Co-founder / Director of the Wildwood Film Festival

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