Mile of Music is Coming

Long before this friendly reminder was posted a number of people were undoubtedly already aware of Appleton’s Mile of Music festival, where 570 upcoming blues, folk, and indie musicians have received warm accolade over the past five years. Mile 6 retains the same wholesome feeling by showcasing truly original compositions while expanding the roster with artists spanning from Hamilton, Canada to Los Angeles. However, of the 200 hundred artists included this year, a strong number began their careers in the Fox Cities. Revealing how Mile of Music has begun to expand from a series of summer concerts to a fortified tradition etched into the fabric of the Appleton community.

Despite the increase in advertising for this event that has garnered national attention, the same value system in which Mile of Music originated in still resides throughout the local businesses, musicians, and orchestrators of the event. For instance, the Artist Care Program administers completely free dental services, skin cancer screenings, hearing protection, and other physiological aid to all participating musicians. Even those who may not hold a dentistry license can still contribute through  Music Maker subscriptions that provide special benefits to sponsors interested in maintaining the event.

And further proving Mile of Music’s authenticity as a down-to-earth Wisconsin gathering isthe all-ages options.  Although many of the venues just so happen to be 21 and over establishments, there are many options for students and parents with children, younger visitors may enjoy, as well.  Perhaps it is visiting a unique coffee shop, riding the Mile of Music bus or attending any of the 40 intuitive workshops hosted by the Music Education Team. Through songwriting lessons and casual drum circles, these instructors, many of whom originate from Northeast Wisconsin, will not hesitate to reveal some insight on the music business and their personal adventure that brought them to the Mile of Music Festival.

Mile 6 also provides the unique opportunity to further explore the variety of restaurants, quirky shops, and artisan craft stores within the downtown area. And it is strongly encouraged that all who attend take advantage by conversing with the musicians when they have a moment and perhaps purchasing some exclusive merchandise. Regardless of how this time is spent, the preparations have been made to keep everyone excited and engaged throughout the festival.

Written by Appleton Downtown Inc. Intern, Ben Wespetal

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