Final Days of Summer

Not too long from now, everyone must begrudgingly turn their calendar from August to September. Reminding everyone that the temperature is about to make a dramatic dip in comfort, promoting extroverts to frantically squeezeas many picturesque moments out of the final summer month. But before summer lays dormant for another winter, numerous activities continue on Downtown, all of which are conveniently posted on Appleton Downtown Inc’s website, begging to be written down on the calendar in a last ditch effort to distract oneself from the approaching fall.

Even though all the major summer concert series such as Lollapalooza, Summer Fest, and of course Mile of Music sadly packed up, Downtown Appleton hosts their own music series that features a new band every Thursday. Complete with wristbands for alcoholic purchases and loud amplification devices, this summer exclusive provides a wholesome live music experience with only one week left!

Motivation comes in all forms, from an intrinsic determination to parental standards, but neither trump the frightful persuasion of deadlines. August 31st in particular. The Trout Museum of Art’s latest exhibit, Who Framed 

Roger Rabbit? The Art of Classic American Animation, closes on that date, providing those yet to experience this clever bit of history a brief but manageable time period to make their way downtown.

Another idea with the approaching seasonal change on Downtown’s outdoor dining opportunities. Fantastic spots such as Josef's Gyros & Kabobs garner limited seating capacity and relies on its closeness to Houdini Plaza and great outdoor weather. Or Spats Food & Spirits with their outdoor venues as a highlight of summer. This should encourage everyone to stop at as many eateries on College Avenue before being drawn inside to couches and fireplaces for the winter.

Lastly, graduated bachelors won’t relate to this but for everyone else, the school year begins troublingly soon filled with so much hope, stress, and moderate anxiety. However, Angels Forever - Windows of Light is offering a fun coping mechanism for you to try. Through their free Mindfulness Meditation series, anyone is open to come in and learn about creating a calm headspace for themselves. So despite the new season preparations, any of these events can provide a much-needed distraction and give anyone the perfect conclusion to summer.

Written by Appleton Downtown Inc. Summer Intern, Ben Wespetal.

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