Paint on the Town & Creative Kids

Has anyone ever told you something is as much fun as watching paint dry?  While here’s a fun fact for you.  Did you know paint dries quickest when temperatures are around 70 degrees?  Paint will spread more smoothly and absorb faster at these temperatures than in the chilly cold or sweltering heat.  That to me sounds like summers in Wisconsin are PERFECT for outdoor painting!

Lucky for you, Appleton Downtown is having a painting party during Art on the Town this Friday, August 17 from 5-8pm.  Everyone and all are invited to join in on the fun - with many easels set up decorating Houdini Plaza, plus free paint and brushes for you to use while you get to create your own masterpiece that evening. 

In addition to you being able to try your own hand in the art making process, you will also be able to walk from business to business interacting with their artist-in-residence that evening.  While you view their art, you will have the chance to talk with them about their art creation, the process, the inspiration and so much more! 

From 3:30-6pm, we invite all the young Picasso’s and Da Vinci’s in the world to join us in Houdini Plaza for Creative Kids!  This is the last of the 3-part event series this summer and one that families will not want to miss!  From face painting to free paint to storytelling – all the arts and creativity will be there for you to enjoy!  Plus, this month’s Creative Kids Take-Home Kit will be sporting fun paint supplies to extend the creativity at home!

We hope to see you in Downtown Appleton this Friday while we are immersed in the arts, creativity, and maybe splattered with a little paint too!

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