Parking Changes & Tips for the New Year

As of January 1st, the City of Appleton has implemented a few changes to parking ramps and meters located downtown that we want YOU to be aware of prior to your visit to One Great Place!

Here’s the highlights to know:

  • The Blue Ramp (located behind the City Center, 100 E. College Ave) is now closed to vehicles.  The ramp has reached the end of its useful life and will be torn down in 2019.
    • Visitors using that ramp are encouraged to use the on-street parking around City Center and hourly parking in any of the other three ramps downtown (Red, Yellow, or Green)
  • Parking Ramp fees are going up slightly for the Red, Green and Yellow ramps. Fees will now be:
    • $2.00 for less than 3 hours
    • $3.00 for 3-4 hours
    • $5.00 for 4 hours or more ($5 and you can park downtown ALL DAY!)
  • Parking Meter Rates are changing as well:
    • 2-hour limit on-street meter prices are now $1.00/hour (This includes off-street meters at the Appleton Public Library)
    • 12-hour parking meters north of Washington St are now $0.25/hour.
    • All RED meter heads stay the same at $0.50 for 30 minutes.

Interested in learning more from the City of Appleton about these updates?  Click here.

Interested in seeing the City’s parking study completed in 2015? Click here.

As you are planning your trip to downtown this new year, here’s a couple tips and reminders to make your parking hassle free:

  1. The Red (Red Lion), Green (PAC), and Yellow (East on Washington St.) parking ramps are all able to accept credit card payments as you exit the ramp. 
  2. You can park all day for only $5 and enjoy the wide variety of unique boutiques and specialty stores, coffee shops, restaurants and more that downtown has to offer!
  3. Free Parking after 6 pm & all-day Sundays!
  4. Download the FREE Passport Parking App on your Apple or Android devices.  Payment for parking can then be made by debit or credit card through the app – no need to carry change with you for the meters!  The app allows users to extend parking time remotely – provided it is within the time limit of the parking space.  You also can receive notifications when your time is about to expire.  The app is available for use at all of the almost 1,000 metered parking spaces across downtown.  Click here to see a quick demo video.

Now that you are equipped with the latest updates and helpful tips, your trip to Downtown Appleton is ready to go!  The real question is…what business will you visit first??

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