Warm Up This Winter

Looking for a cure to Wisconsin Winter Blues…Downtown Appleton has plenty of great pick-me-up stops to knock the blues out right away!

Cozy coffee shops and sweet treats will give you the perfect kick to get your day going or give you the extra boost of energy in the afternoon.  You can visit any one of the wide variety including:

ACOCA Coffee (500 W College Ave)

They have 16 years of roasting experience and the beans are roasted in house daily providing an aroma you will love!  With each cup brewed and crafted just for you, the delicious drinks are endless.  Plus, you’ll want to check out what their latest drink specials are!

BONA FIDE JUICERY (111 E College Ave)

Photo Credit: Bona Fide Juicery

Looking for some organic and healthy options? Bona Fide Juicery will keep you fueled with a wide variety including cold pressed juices, avocado toast, smoothie bowls, and everything in between! Their vision is to spread positive vibes your way and inspire a healthy lifestyle.


Photo Credit: Brewed Awakenings

Established in 2004, Brewed Awakenings still leaves a mark on the Fox Valley with Contrast Coffee Company, fresh baked goods, and innovative sandwiches.  Enjoy a fresh brew, wake up with an espresso, or if not a coffee fan, enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate, apple cider or bowl of soup.  You never know what new items will be on their menu!


Photo Credit: Copper Rock Coffee Co.

A family run business with family values makes it a must stop to visit and work! Set up shop in a laidback atmosphere, a locally roasted cup of jo and watch those winter blues melt away!  It is the liquid sunshine you need in your day.  Enjoy bakery and breakfast/lunch options…maybe even a dish of gelato to brighten your mood!

FIKA TEA BAR (2017 W College Ave)

Photo Credit: Fika Tea Bar

Have you checked out one of the newer pick-me-up locations in Downtown Appleton yet?  Fika Tea Bar won’t disappoint! Fika, by dictionary definition means “the intention to slow down and appreciate the good things in life”…so do it with a great cup of tea!

DOUGHLICIOUS (322 W College Ave)

Photo Credit: Doughlicious

Want something sweet to get an afternoon sugar pick up…Doughlicious is the place to go.  Enjoy edible cookie dough, ice cream, shakes, or stick with that warm cup of coffee!  Each month brings a new cookie dough flavor.

LOU’S BREW CAFÉ & LOUNGE (233 E College Ave)

Photo Credit: Lou's Brew Cafe & Lounge

Not only will you find superior quality coffee and tea, but also food you will love! Everything from grilled cheese sandwiches, wraps, gourmet personal pizza, soup and more, all with a twist with their own signature flavor!  Looks like you just may have found your new favorite lunch stop!

SETH’S COFFEE DRIVE THRU (323 E Washington St)
How convenient to be able to get coffee and not even have to get out of your car in the winter weather! This is the perfect stop for a quick cup to go! Each cup is brewed just for you, handcrafted to-order.

Photo Credit: Seth's Coffee Drive Thru

You never know when you will stumble upon your new favorite shop and find your winter blues cure! Downtown Appleton is FULL of wonderful options that will make giving the ‘favorite’ title the biggest challenge!  Cure those winter blues by warming up in Downtown Appleton!

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