Play Tourist in Downtown Appleton for 24 Hours

Downtown Appleton brings in thousands of tourists every year to see shows, festivals, live music, and delicious food. With all of us being busy local residents of Appleton, we may not take the time to see the beauty that Downtown Appleton has to offer. Well now is your time! Plan a trip so YOU can play tourist for twenty-four hours in Appleton.


There are two beautiful hotels right on College Ave. for you to enjoy. CopperLeaf Boutique Hotel & Spa provides you with a European hotel atmosphere with a variety of luxury services. When you step foot into this hotel, it feels like you have transformed into a family owned hotel located in a small town in Europe. There is a spa located inside of the hotel named Spa BenMarNicos. The spa offers a variety of services including massage, facials, manicures, and a whirlpool! Don’t forget to book a Deep Tissue massage or a Signature Escape facial while you are guests at CopperLeaf.

Across the street is the Red Lion Paper Valley Hotel. This gorgeous hotel provides two cafes and three restaurants all within the hotel! The Red Lion also has a gorgeous patio for you to sit and enjoy a hot cup of coffee while watching the fall leaves change color.


There are a variety of activities that you can partake in during your stay. With seven museums to choose from you can learn all about Appleton’s history. (Click here to see a list of Appleton’s Museums). Along with museums there are plenty of creative activities for you to enjoy including painting and pottery classes. (Click here to see an article about creative activities you can do). Don’t forget to explore all the local shops and galleries right on College Ave (Click here). With boutiques to sport shops to candle shops- you will find a variety of stores for you to enjoy!

Be sure to check each attraction and stores current operating proceeds as they are implementing safety precautions for all guests and visitors.


For your morning coffee fix, head over to Seth’s Coffee Drive Thru for a grab and go cup of joe! You can also head over to Copper Rock Coffee where you can sip on your coffee while also enjoying the smells of their own coffee bean roasting facility that is housed in their downtown Appleton location.

Through all your exploring of Downtown Appleton don’t forget to stop for lunch at Josef’s Gyros or Victoria's Italian Cuisine. Josef’s Gyros is known by the locals for their legendary gyros. Gyros is a classic Greek sandwich with grilled meat and a flavorful tzatziki sauce. You can also stop at Victoria’s Italian Cuisine for a delicious bowl of pasta and breadsticks. Victoria’s also serves pizza, sandwiches, seafood, steaks, and has an amazing dessert menu.

When your day of adventures has come to an end, make sure you stop for dinner at Author’s Kitchen + Bar. Author’s Kitchen + Bar believes in creating a homemade meal that surprises you with delicious flavors that melt in your mouth. The restaurant also offers an amazing assortment of appetizers. If you ate too much at lunch, head over to Mondo Wine Bar for a drink. This wine bar has a wide range of wines from all over the world including Italy, Spain, Portugal, and California. The menu also has an assortment of beers and appetizers.

For a full list of all the tasty stops in Downtown Appleton, click here.

Plan your Next Trip

With a wide variety of restaurants and activities in Downtown Appleton, you are bound to enjoy playing tourist for twenty-four hours. Plan your next trip so you can see the beautiful hidden gem of what is Downtown Appleton.

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