Tee Up for Mini Golf on the Town!

As the Masters are coming back and the spring weather is near, ADI is excited to bring you Mini Golf on the Town this Saturday, April 9th! An event that has been loved by many for over 10 years, Mini Golf on the Town is a great way to putt your way up and Down College Avenue and other neighboring businesses! With two courses available, you are sure to have a great time playing nine unique holes of mini golf which enjoying food and drink specials along the way.

Here are a few FAQ's about the event!

  • Is the event inside or outside? 
    • All of the mini golf holes will be placed inside at each participating bar or restaurant.

  • How many holes will I play? 
    • You will choose one course, either the East course or the West course. Each has 9 holes to play.
  • How long do I have to play? 
    • You can start playing as early as 1:00 p.m. and need to finish up by 5:00 p.m. to head over to the 19th Hole Party starting at around 5:30 p.m., each hole will have a max of three strokes in an effort to keep everything moving efficiently throughout each course.
  • Can I play with my friends if they aren't on my team? 
    • Yes! For the first hole you will need to start at the business you purchased your tickets at, but after that you are free to go in any order based on those on your selected course.
  • How much are tickets? 
    • Tickets are $15/person or $60/team of up to four players.
  • How do I purchase my tickets? 
    • You can purchase your tickets at any of the participating businesses, or on our website, click here.
      • Note: If you purchase at a participating business, that is where you will start playing on the day of the event. If you purchase online, make sure to save your receipt and bring it to D2 Sports Pub to start playing the day of the event.
  • What is the 19th Hole Party? 
    • The 19th Hole Party is the celebration hosted by D2 Sports Pub starting at around 5:30 p.m. after you finish your course! There is free food, music, drink specials and prizes!
  • Are costumes actually encouraged? 
    • Yes! We highly encourage costumes at this event, it's a great way to get your team in the spirit and there will be prizes for some of the best costumes at the 19th Hole Party!

  • Do I need to bring my own putter and golf ball? 
    • Yes, a few of the businesses will have a few to borrow, but to help keep things moving we encourage everyone to bring their own putter and golf ball.
  • Which businesses are participating this year? 
    • Here is a list of all the participating businesses in this year's Mini Golf on the Town!
West Course East Course
Stone Arch Brew Pub (1004 S. Olde Oneida St.) Jim's Place (223 E. College Ave.)
Emmett's Bar & Girll (139 N. Richmond St.) Wooden Nickel Sports Bar & Grill (217 E. College Ave.)
Appleton Beer Factory (603 W. College Ave.) Olde Town Tavern (109 W. College Ave.)
Calavera's Fine Fusions (528 W. College Ave.) Rookies' Sports Bar & Grill (325 N. Appleton St.)
Crazy Sweet (514 W. College Ave.) Cleo's Brown Beam (203 W. College Ave.)
The Bar on the Avenue (427 W. College Ave.) Gibson Community Music Hall (211 W. College Ave.)
Speakeasy Ultra Lounge (425 W. College Ave.) Durty Leprechaun (343 W. College Ave.)
The Bent Keg (417 W. College Ave.) D2 Sports Pub (403 W. College Ave.)
D2 Sports Pub (403 W. College Ave.) Chadwick's (413 W. College Ave.)

Questions about the event? Message us on Facebook, email us at info@appletondowntown.org or give us a call at 920-954-9112. We hope to see you with your putters and creative costumes Downtown!

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